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50 mins class in mindful meditation

Curious about the world of mindfulness but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're looking to continue habits of mindfulness learnt through a previous course? Come and find out more through one of our weekly meditation classes. Open to everyone from complete novices to fellow teachers, these classes are a perfect chance to simply pause and be. These guided sessions offer a moment of stillness and space in our warm and welcoming studio. 

In each class we will explore meditation through a mix of breath, mindful movement as well as the chance to simply sit, have a cup of tea and relax. 

Class length: 50 mins 

Location: School of Mindfulness – Völundsgatan 3, Stockholm
Language: English 



Cost: 200 SEK per class (inc. moms/VAT) 

10 x Klippkort: 1500 SEK


Friskvårdsbidrag gäller



Workshop in mindfulness – suitable for beginners

The 1-Day Foundation is a great way to deepen your mindfulness journey.  Suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience within mindfulness and meditation.


We begin the day with a presentation of what mindfulness is – combined with the basics of how it is practised and how it benefits the wellbeing of our mind and bodies.


Throughout the rest of the day, we learn a variety of mindfulness-based practices and meditations. We also dedicate time to understanding some of the mental attitudes that mindfulness aims to cultivate – such as patience and non-judgement.


Our intention for the 1-Day Foundation is for you to leave with a clear and confident understanding of how you can incorporate a mindfulness practice into your own daily life.

Apart from gaining your own “mindful toolkit”, we also intend for this day to be an opportunity for you to begin reconnecting with your own innate stillness – and to curiously discover the you that exists underneath the busyness of everyday life – a possible homecoming to your own peacefulness.

Next date:  TBC
Location: School of Mindfulness – Völundsgatan 3, Stockholm

Language: Swedish/English

Time: 10.00 - 15.00

Cost: 990 SEK (inc. moms/VAT)


Evening course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Course dates: 2 May 2022 - 13 June 2022 (Mondays at 18.00 - 20.30) – including one "Silent Day" on Saturday 11th June (09.00-16.00).

Location: School of Mindfulness – Völundsgatan 3, Stockholm

Language: English

Cost: This course is paid on a donations basis - "pay what you can afford" 

Designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s, the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme is designed to support participants in recognising their own physical and emotional suffering and develop greater compassion towards themselves and others.  The course is rooted in the principles of moment-to-moment awareness and the relationship between mind and body.

Over the course of eight weeks, you will learn three core meditations: the body scan, seated breathing meditation and mindful movement where we work with simple yoga poses and stretches. Each one of these practices is designed to develop the skills of non-judgemental awareness and acceptance. The classes themselves are a blend of meditation and mindful discussion with key teaching points delivered each week.

MBSR has been developed world-wide and is one of the most celebrated programmes for developing mindfulness in a modern-day setting. It has been shown to help reduce stress, physical pain, insomnia, anxiety and low mood amongst other daily difficulties.


Start your day with breakfast & mindful eating

Upcoming Mindful Breakfast:  Sunday 12 March - 2022

Location: School of Mindfulness – Völundsgatan 3, Stockholm

Language: Swedish/English

Time: 10.00 - 12.00

Cost: 420 SEK (inc. moms/VAT)

Begin your day by nourishing your body and soul with our Mindful Breakfast.

Food – or rather the eating of food – can be a great teacher of mindfulness. During the

Mindful Breakfast we will serve a beautiful breakfast buffet, whilst also teaching you some of the fundamental principles of mindfulness; through the practice of mindful eating combined with guided meditation practices.

The intention of our Mindful Breakfast is to create a space where all our participants share a delicious, fun and mindfully enriched start to the day.


Mindful wine tasting

Upcoming Winefulness:  Spring 2022 – dates TBC

Location: School of Mindfulness – Völundsgatan 3, Stockholm

Language: Swedish/English

Time: 18.00 - 19.30 

Cost: 390 SEK (inc. moms/VAT)

Can wine and mindfulness really go together? Well, yes! Our Winefulness session invites you and your friends to experience a wine tasting rooted in the foundations of mindful awareness.

We guide you through a wine tasting anchored in the present moment. Together we will learn meditations and exercises that encourage us to connect to our senses and enable a truly mindful way of experiencing wine.​ This is a lighthearted and fun introduction for anyone wanting to learn the basic fundamentals of Mindfulness – whilst also enjoying some wine.

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